Software Applications and Services


Software Applications


Cloud-Based Services and Security

Services incorporated in all of INFOCON’s cloud based services include the following security measures:

In the event an issue arises with any of our servers, our on-call technicians can access the servers for troubleshooting and possibly be able to take immediate corrective action.

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Software Applications - Governmental

Governmental software applications offered by INFOCON relate to County, School District and Municipal government functions. These applications include but are not limited to:

  • Administrative Systems

  • Fund Accounting System
  • GASB-34 Sub-System
  • Budget System
  • Fixed Assets System
  • Payroll System
  • Purchase Order System
  • Retirement Tracking System
  • Tax Management Systems

  • Internet Credit Card Processing
  • Real Property Tax Claim System with Imaging
  • Internet Based Tax Claim Lien Certificates
  • Census System
  • Earned Income Tax Collection System
  • Current Occupation / Per Capita Collection System
  • Delinquent Occupation / Per Capita Collection System
  • Tax Collections via web
  • Real Property Tax Management System
    • Document Imaging
    • Homestead Farmstead
    • Tax Billing
    • Interims
    • Appeals
    • Building Permits
  • Occupation / Per Capita Tax Management System
    • Tax Billing
    • Interims
  • Personal Property Tax Management System
    • Returns
    • Tax Billing
  • Judicial Systems

  • Court Administration System with Imaging
  • Jury Management System
  • Criminal - Clerk of Courts System
    • CPCMS Interface
    • Document Imaging
    • Criminal Conviction System
    • DUI Tracking System
  • Civil - Prothonotary System
  • Sheriff's Office Management System
  • Recorder of Deeds System
    • Document Imaging
    • Electronic Filing
  • Register of Wills System with Imaging
  • Birth and Death Indexing System with Imaging
  • Veteran's Discharge System with Imaging
  • Record Book Indexing and Scanning System
  • Orphans' Court System
    • Inventory Tracking
    • Document Imaging
    • Guardianship Tracking AOPC interface
  • Marriage License System
    • Document Imaging
    • Internet Application Processing
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Client Support Services

Available with all INFOCON application software and on-line services. Our friendly and highly trained professional staff is ready to assist your office personnel with on-site training during initial installation and afterwards via telephone, email, and remote computer access. With our on-line services and those who license our software applications with our Software Support Agreements you will always have a friendly professional voice available to get your questions answered when they may arise.

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Consulting Services

INFOCON professionals can research and analyze your Information Technology needs and recommend a solution with your business in mind. Whether you are looking for an on-line service without the need for an I.T. staff or a total in-house solution, INFOCON can offer a variety of recommendations for your consideration. Our experience spans over thirty years in the Information Technology field having served a wide variety of clientele in many industries. INFOCON offers many stock business application solutions and specializes in custom application development to fit your business needs. INFOCON has the professional resources to compose a state of the art solution for your business or government entity.

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On-Line Data Processing and Accounting Services

Let INFOCON be your resource for business or government applications and data storage. INFOCON utilizes modern digital high speed data communications circuits, servers, high capacity data storage, and application software designed, developed, and supported by INFOCON professionals. With these resources INFOCON can provide you with automated solutions in-house with professional Information Technology support staff.

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Document Imaging

INFOCON can provide your organization with the software and capability to create and store images of important forms, documents, deeds, maps, etc. Retrieval is easy and can be incorporated into an existing application for viewing. INFOCON will even store the images for you!

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Electronic Archives System

The INFOCON Electronic Archives System is designed to operate over the cloud. This application allows for the indexing, storage and retrieval of PDF and TIFF images. The images which can be indexed individually or multi-page, can be stored manually or automated by batch for various record keeping applications. Image retrieval may be searched utilizing up to 10 different optional index characteristic fields for each image group type. Image retrieval may be provided to the public over the web or kept private via user/password control depending on your needs. Contact our marketing department for additional information.

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Payroll Processing Services

Bring in or send your payroll data to us and let INFOCON professionals prepare your payroll or dial or connect via a secured internet connection to our data center with your PC to process your own payroll data. Utilizing INFOCON’s Payroll Application Software, you may process and prepare payroll checks, direct deposits, and associated reporting with ease while maintaining critical records safe in off-site storage.

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General Printing Services

INFOCON provides computer laser printing services customized to your needs. Computer printed mailing labels or envelopes, fold and seal mailers, and general report printing are just a few examples of laser printed products that we provide. At your request, products for mailing are pre-sorted and packed in zip code sequence to take advantage of bulk mailing discounts. Postal permit mailing services are also available when needed.

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Assessment Tax Printing Services

INFOCON provides tax processing and printing services for County, School District, and Municipal Governments. Allow INFOCON’s expertise from printing more than 2 million tax forms per year benefit your government entity by reducing your equipment and labor expense. INFOCON provides professional, laser printed tax bills and duplicate reporting on quality forms at a competitive price.

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Tax Claim Printing Services

With a rapid turn around time, INFOCON provides professional laser printing on quality forms for County Tax Claim Offices. Allowing us to print your required notices reduces the Tax Claim Office’s equipment and labor expense. INFOCON provides full Electronic Certified Mailing services from our Ebensburg location. This service includes full electronic signature image data warehousing with internet access on demand.

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Large Format Scanning Services

INFOCON maintains specialized equipment to provide large format scanning (up to 36" wide and any length) for documents such as maps, architectural drawings, electrical drawings, posters, etc. Storage and access to the scanned documents can be provided by INFOCON on our SAN (Storage Access Network) or digital CD’s may be prepared containing the scanned documents.

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Microfilm Processing Services

In today’s digital world with the availability of on-line storage of documents in large volumes, the automated environment offers new capabilities to those organizations requiring archival microfilm. This low cost method of creating the film from digitally stored images without the expensive costs of creating the film via camera. INFOCON provides clients microfilm preparation services as part of our digital imaging solution. At minimal costs, microfilm can be prepared from any images that have been scanned and stored. In addition, reporting that has been generated from INFOCON provided application software can also be automatically directed to microfilm.

Another capability that INFOCON has recently added to our microfilm service is the digitizing of previously microfilmed documents. Utilizing computerized state of the art equipment, INFOCON technicians can convert 16mm and 35mm microfilm, microfiche, and aperture cards into digital computer images and indexes and add those images into your present day image storage files. This process allows for the building of a complete modern library of digital images including those from film products that were created long before digital images were mainstream.

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Data Warehousing Services

By utilizing state of the art high capacity Storage Area Network (SAN), INFOCON offers clients high volume storage services with instant access to their data and/or images when needed. Data is served over high speed internet based circuitry utilizing secure Virtual Private Network communications technology. INFOCON maintains both on-site and off-site backup of all storage content.

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Off-Site Disaster Backup Services

Off-Site Disaster Backup Services A constant concern of today’s I.T. Departments is disaster planning and backup. INFOCON can provide I.T. Departments with a remote off-site backup plan that is both affordable and accommodating. Although INFOCON specializes in the IBM iSeries server environment, INFOCON can perform remote off-site backups for most server environments. INFOCON maintains high capacity storage devices for this purpose. Utilizing high speed digital internet based circuitry with secure Virtual Private Network communications technology, INFOCON’s technical staff can analyze your backup and disaster planning needs then develop a custom backup and/or disaster service that meets your requirements. If you are an IBM iSeries shop INFOCON can also arrange to have you operating on-line in a short time span in the case of a physical disaster.

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IBM System I Support

In need of an operating system upgrade on your IBM iSeries computer? INFOCON provides operating System upgrade services and installation of cumulative service packs scheduled to minimize prime time down time. INFOCON offers a variety of services related to the support of your IBM System I server from performance tuning, expansion analysis and planning, to full facilities management. With over thirty years of experience in the IBM mid-range environment, INFOCON technicians can provide System I support service second to none.

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CASS Certification and NCOA Processing

You can realize bulk mailing savings simply by addressing the need for accurate mailing addresses and minimizing undeliverable mail. Both are very important cost factor, for those government agencies and businesses who depend on bulk mail delivery.

INFOCON provides CASS Certification processing services, utilizing the U.S. Postal Service’s Coding Accuracy Support System. This process “cleans” existing database addresses and formats them according to the U.S. Postal Service requirements, thereby earning significant postage cost savings.

In addition INFOCON also provides NCOA processing services which utilizes the National Change of Address System. This process verifies existing addresses for accuracy and provides forwarding addresses based on the U.S. Postal Service databases. This process makes mailing databases more accurate and provides additional savings on postage by minimizing undeliverable mail.

These services can reduce mailing cost and clean up mailing address database files at the same time. Over time the cleaner your files, the more savings realized on mailing expense with discounts and minimizing undeliverable mail.

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Printing and Bulk Mailing Services

The printing and bulk mailing of important documents is a very important and costly function of most government agencies and businesses. INFOCON offers numerous cost effective services to address these issues. Utilizing imported files from remote systems, we are able to laser print most any volume of mailer form documents with various types of mailing permits, sorted and ready for mailing from our Ebensburg, PA Data Center facilities.

The U.S. Postal Service’s CASS Certification (Coding Accuracy Support System) processing and NCOA (National Change of Address System) processing is also available, in order to clean up mailing addresses and reduce mailing costs.

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Business Product Sales

INFOCON’s Business Products Sales Division provides a large array of business supplies, materials, and equipment to meet the needs of today’s automated office. Let our professionals help you choose the right forms, supplies, or equipment to fill your needs. We represent most major OEM product lines as well as a complete line of top quality, reliable aftermarket products designed to save you money.

Some of the items we specialize in are:

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Credit Card Payment Processing Services

In today’s modern, fast paced, cash free economy it is imperative that all organizations that provide products and services be able to take payments via Credit and Debit Cards, ACH, and eChecks. In conjunction with our business partners INFOCON has developed an internet based service capable of processing all of theses payment types. This service can be applied to most any automated sales system, whether interactive or batch transactions, with minimal setup or system modification. Please contact a member of our professional staff to learn more about these cost saving services, for improving your organization’s cash flow.

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